Al Gore: Obama Climate Change Speech Best ‘By Any President Ever’

Any government or climate organization drawing policies should note this vital point – Earth strives to conserve energy to matter ratio. It has a dual and multiple world design. This is evident from day and night cycle; When one part of earth is in a day cycle where ratio favors energy, the other part of earth is in favor of matter. The system resist a unilateral direction towards heating or cooling. We humans have exponentially increased the heat of the environment since industrial era. The loss of greenery and intrusion in to the night cycle has further aggravated the situation. It is common sense that heat evaporates water and when cycle changes water returns. With exponential increases in heat the rate of evaporation has increased. Now the rate of precipitation will increase in parallel is common sense. This is leading to simultaneous fire/wind, water/earth bound destruction. The winding reaction of earth is stressing the tectonic plates increasing earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. We have many civilization beneath the sea. Volcanic dust is known to cool earth’s atmosphere suddenly and can induce an ice-age. We do not need huge scientific data and heated debates on it. All we need is common sense. – Unless we awaken to this reality and take steps to control the energy of the environment we are poised for huge destruction from Mother Earth. – Global Warming or a New Ice Age: Documentary Film
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