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June 23, 2013




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Everything about the universe is energy and matter. Eventually we need to reduce all our problems to this root level and understand it in simplicity in order to face it successfully. Earth works on two opposing forces. It has a “principle and design” by which it struggles to maintain certain energy to mater ratio and thus heat of the environment. Global warming is being attributed mainly to CO2. Much simpler way is to reduce it to the level of global heat and its influence on the energy cycle in which we live. Heat we all know is the basal form of energy. When earth is heated unilaterally its environment begins to shear and it violently fluctuates. The catastrophes we witness on earth is the product of this. All the ecological systems and life in it becomes unstable when environment shears. One can attribute the instability of human mind and its spontaneous violence to this. Unstable and disturbed human mind becomes sitting duck to evil minds who tries to thrive on them. Thus evil people in all realms begins to thrive. The religions who thrive to advance once own religions quantitatively and materially will have a field day. These religions are silent force behind much of the war, terrorism and instability we witness in this world. A bigger threat to humanity exist from non illuminated religious institutions than earth’s fury being stressed to critical state. The solution is to Know Truth and reinvent God and Spirituality as known to the ancient.


Is Alberta Flooding a Sign of Climate Change?

June 22, 2013

This is not to create any panic- But the truth is that we are heading to huge natural catastrophes by unwinding and winding force of nature. I had predicted it and called the attention of the world leaders, media and I have kept posting on social media. We can avoid it, provided the world leaders awaken and develop a global policy for management of energy or heat of earth’s environment. We need to awaken to the “Principle and Design” on which earth functions to sustain certain energy to matter ratio thus heat of the environment within some limit. Since the industrial era we have been exponentially adding heat into the environment and recklessly destroying the greenery. With globalization, we have intruded into the night cycle and disturbing her functioning. We have rendered earth fragile The consequence is this present state. In last few days we have seen some destructive floods around the world. We would witness big earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. Scientific reports are coming about cracks in earth crust, weakening of earth’s protective shield. This means sink, hole, falling of space objects would increase – All signs of destruction are very much there. Once we awaken to control the heat of the environment alleviate the fury of Mother Earth, we can go ahead to invent new space for human growth developing new technologies, that releases less heat and uses energy efficiently – Please Viral this and call the attention of the world leaders
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