Bible Secret and The Truth of Christ’s Teaching

The Biblical Secret

Love is fundamental creative force of life. Sustenance of  life however occurs with Truth and Justice. Jesus had to manifest

on earth when Truth and Justice  deteriorated to a critical limit and death engulfed the universe. Jesus came to recreate and restore Truth and Justice. Of all living system the only system that lives a mind and self centered life and goes against the Creator or the Father is Human beings. It amounts to going against once own consciousness.

In our society, the priests are responsible to guide individuals, family and community to connect to the consciousness and thus make him strong and work for the Father and thus strengthen the family, community and the whole society in a truthful way. But when the priests themselves fail to connect to their consciousness and stand against truth and justice and when they become slave to evil forces and make individual to stab the Father and Mother on the back, it becomes “Awful horror”. It is a signal of the peak of deterioration of the society that calls for judgment.    

Jesus condemned Jewish priests very critically. The situation is no different now. The easiest way for evil to rule humanity is the enter the realm of priesthood. When Jesus scarified His Life on the cross, the curtain of the temple tore in the middle and the throne of God was opened for all. Freedom and free will was given to humanity. When His Spirit returned to Earth on the Pentecostal day, a New Life and liberation to humanity from the clutches of spiritual institutions was ensured. A New Life to the universe was conceived at Calvary with free will to human souls. This secret can

be understood when we understand universe as a living being. Just as the Mother conceived cannot eternally keep the child in the womb. The Christ’s Spirit cannot be held eternally in the womb of darkness. This Spirit is bound to transform the souls and break the womb and emerge. This is prophesized in Joel 2:28 

Christ manifested when all mediators failed. He spoke Truth and His teachings reflects it. His “self sacrifice” doing His Fathers Will accepting the most torturous death showed the path from death to Life. The whole thing becomes a science, when we review science and understand universe as a living being. Explore the video “Calvary Secret” and links there off –


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