The key to survive the Increasing Natural Catastrophes

Global warming is real. The increasing natural catastrophes both in magnitude and number could be directly related to it. The key failure of modern man exist in his ignorance of energy cycle of nature and his unilateral reckless exploitation of energy of nature. We are increasing the heat of the environment in an exponential way, without even thinking what this would cause to nature and human existence. Earth is reacting violently against human act against her.  Nature is reacting through double edged sword, fire and earth – manifesting as destruction through fire, flash floods, snows, earthquake, volcanic eruptions. Even instability of human mind and violence can be related to it. Noble Laureate  James Lovelock has already predicted destruction of much of human population by heat. Expect a greater and greater reaction from nature that can cripple human civilization unless humanity awakens to simple realities of nature and adopt the global management of energy. We need to evolve in our basic understanding nature. I share a small article that can change the way we think about nature/life and help humanity survive. This is the product of life time research from a point of freedom, after author left a lucrative career in biotechnology and even gave up the chair of science at the mouth of Plato’s cave.  Media can take an important role to awaken the world. Read “Critical Thinking on Global Warming and Increasing Climate Catastrophes” –


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