Critical thinking on Global Warming and Increasing Natural Catastrophes


By John Paily


We have seen alarming increase in natural catastrophes, both in magnitude and number in the recent past. Global warming and increasing natural catastrophes we witness today could be directly linked to heat or energy cycle of nature in which we live. [Note -Noble Laureate James Lovelock has expressed this thinking].

The fact that increased heat creates increased disorder and shears the system and pushes it into phase transition is the most established scientific reality. A boiling pot of water, with a spoon of tea or coffee powder shows the reality. We are all aware of it. We humans with reckless burning of fossil fuels and industrialization are releasing huge amount of heat unilaterally in an exponential way, virtually boiling and shearing earth’s environment, calling upon ourselves huge destruction.

In spite of all the mesmerizing advancement that the modern science achieved, it is quite ignorant about some of the most basic realities of nature. Most important among them is the ignorance of how earth and the universe maintains its energy to matter ratio, such that temperature remains within certain limit for life to survive. Here, I humbly share this reality reveled to me by Grace of Nature and Her Master           

If you stand back to observe nature, we note that earth and its movements are designed to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter and thus the heat of the environment. When west awakes to sunlight/heat and unwinds to go into apparent disorder, simultaneously the east sleeps to darkness and winds to go into new order. When light peaks in the west, it gives way to darkness and simultaneously the opposite phenomenon occurs in the east. This manifests as the principle of energy cycle [day and night] in which we all live. The design of parallel world and flipping of poles, speaks of instantaneous communication between the parallel worlds and a intelligent design that helps sustain ratio of energy to matter or the temperature of the system within some limit for life to survive

The observed transition form day into night takes place over a period of time in many small quantum jumps. Observe a ticking clock to perceive this thought. This co-existence of instantaneous communication and time bound communication is phenomenon observed in life. This means the earth not only has parallel or dual world design but also has multiple worlds that works dynamically and coherently. However, the control of the system could be deduced to the dual world and an entity that perceives the change and flips periodically in relation to its pair.

A secondary energy cycle with higher peaks exists in nature. We observe this as climatic cycle. The transition from day into night and summer into rainy are critical periods of the energy cycle. A warming takes place in all these transitions. The present euphorbia on warming could be related an all time peak related with Universal Energy Cycle. This could be understood from taking the universal time direction. Nature has an over all time direction to an increasing disorder or order.

Very clearly we are fast approaching the peak of disorder because of three basic factors

1] Reckless release of heat into the environment

2] Our reckless intrusion into the night cycle, when earth creates order.

3] The increasing deforestation with human intervention. Plants absorb sunlight and heat and thus assist earth to maintain her balance of energy to matter ratio. The loss of green cover through human activity is augmenting the situation.     

In our ignorance and in our material slavery, we are calling upon our selves

huge destruction. The destruction is manifesting in the form of

1] Unilaterally increase of heat and thus shearing the environment of earth. This is rendering allthe ecological systems unstable and stressing the life existing in it. The instability of human mind at individual and collective levels could be related to it

2] The stress has a positive development in the form spiritual awakening. However, this is accompanied by huge threat. The religious institutions are fishing in troubled waters. In democracy though we deny, Religion and Spirituality influences major political decisions. Thus this awakening is leading to possible self destruction in the name of unseen God. We must underline a fact that, world has accumulated weapons of mass destruction that can destroy the whole world and the life in it in minutes.  

3] The increased heat is causing huge fire and wind bound disasters.

4] The earth that opposes this heat force is increasingly winding creating huge flash floods, earth quakes. Eventually this would end in huge volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruptions are known to cool earth’s environment.

Multiple worlds invariably means earth has several grid points through which the smooth transition of climate change occurs. When we unilaterally heat up the environment, we in fact are dissolving the multiple worlds and thus the grid points. Beyond some critical level, it could cause huge destruction. In short we are hastening the change and adding power to it, causing abrupt peaks and falls in the two forces; the unwinding and winding. Thus, due to our ignorance of Truth of Nature and its functioning, we are inching towards self destruction. The only way humanity can survive on earth is to Awaken to Truth of Nature and her functioning. we need to understand

1] The Principle Design and functioning of earth to maintain her temperature

2] We need to review science, evolve it to comprehend and nature and its existence in time sensibly.

3] We must understand the role life and specially humans in nature and her functioning.   

A step in this direction is made from a point freedom and is shared

briefly in videos –

1] 2012- Truth that can save humanity Part-1 to 3

2] Gravity Reinvented  Part 1 -3

3] Evolving Einstein’s Mind Part -1 to 4

These videos not only gives a fundamental principle and design on which nature is constructed, but gives new perception to gravity and force. It brings forth a second field or force and space time reality that acts against gravity and sustains the universe. It can evolve science to give a new and simple perception of Nature and Life

Further reading – explore site – “2012 Science meets Mind of God”


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