2012- An SOS to President of America

2012- An SOS to President of USA  

Hon. President of America

This has reference to my registered letter to you, dated 20/11/2011 http://www.scribd.com/doc/76831651/Letter-to-President-USA-20-11-2011 .

We are now in 2012. We cannot over look prophesy of the great spiritualists of the ancient. Even modern day science predicts a possible apocalyptic future.  Noble laureate James Lovelock has predicted large scale destruction of human population, if we do not awaken and change.

The west and its thinking are responsible for the world we witness that is peaking in disorder and turning violent and taking self destructive path. Your office takes vital position in the western world that rules us today. Einstein said “We cannot solve the problems with same thinking we used when we created them”.  A change in thinking is what we need to survive on earth.

I have repeatedly tried to call your attention to a single fact that earth has a design and functioning by which she maintains the ratio of energy to matter within some limit and thus maintains her temperature and sustains life. We through our reckless exploitation of the material world are linearly doubling the heat being released into the environment.  And by our intrusion into the night cycle, we are hindering the working of Mother Earth to sustain her self and the life on it. The increasing heat is peaking violently shearing and rendering all the ecological system unstable. The earth forces that counter it are similarly peaking and falling abruptly.  This is resulting in destruction by fire and wind, flash floods, flash snows and so on. The instability of human mind manifesting into war, terrorism, violence also could be related to it. The material matter that loses energy actually winds this means earth crust is stressed and we are prone to huge earth quakes and eventual eruption of volcanoes in a violent way.  Volcanic dust is known to cool Earth’s atmosphere. The trend is quite visible and was predicted from the premises of my work long back. We are thus digging our own grave out of ignorance of simple realities of nature and her functioning.

I humbly request you to convene your intellectual force at the forefront of theoretical divisions and the New Age thinkers and scientists, such as Noble Laureate James Lovelock, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Amit Goswami, Dr. John Hagelin, Dr. Huping Hu, Nassim Haremein and such people to redefine the very foundation of our thinking.

Science tells us that we are interlinked by gravity and gravity is a centripetal force. When sun and solar system passes the middle of Milky Way Galaxy, it is bound to experience huge gravitation crunch.  It could be a critical moment. There is little time left. We can turn the apocalyptic situation into Golden Age, if we awaken to Truth and arise as one against the crunch force. Science needs to be advanced to break the barriers of religions, nations, caste creed and such man made chains by which he is bound and is made slave and kept in eternal darkness. It makes sense to understand the universe in biological way as the ancient spiritualist viewed it. That is the only way for humanity to evolve and take guard of earth. http://www.scribd.com/doc/76830317   

Dear president please act, and bring the CHANGE you promised to your citizens and the whole world.

With Love and Prayers




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