Good News of Global Warming and Climate Change

Good News of Global Warming

By John Paily

There is lot of hype about “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”. It is true there is a need for concern. But I see “Good News” and “Life Force” enclosed in it than death force. Yes there will be lot of destruction and natural catastrophes, but all this forces humanity to come to his sense and would eventually open his mind to higher force or “Higher Mind” or “Mind of God” and take his understanding of nature to higher level.

To foresee the goodness we need to understand the time/energy cycle in earth in which we exist. Earth has an “energy rhythm” or “quantum dance” in 12 hour cycle. This manifests as day and night cycle. When west awakes to sunlight and the material matter goes into disorder, the east sleeps to darkness acts as a sink and works to bring new order. When the light peaks in the west it gives way to darkness simultaneously east peaks in darkness and gives way to light. There is an ordering and disordering phase to this cycle which work simultaneously and switches place when the maximum is reached. All life and matter abides to this time cycles. This cycle is dynamic and stable

We know material is centripetal and in time it tends to collapse to a point or shred away. We can give this picture of science a new dimension and stability by discovering life as anti-gravitational. Just watch the life around you you will get the proof. This opposition is also proven scientifically. The second law of thermodynamic applied to life and material system proves this.

This nullifies the modern vision of “Big Bang Theory” based on material force and forces us to reinvent it based on life. If you observe plant life we note that when material world tends to disorder it, the plant life absorbs the heat and energy and thus opposes the shredding force of energy. When the night falls and the system goes into darkness it assimilates and grows against gravity. The animals give a third dimension to this energy. Plants and animals does not disturb the dynamic energy cycle designed into two parts a left and right which dances in opposite directions. Imagine light giving way to darkness and darkness giving way to light in earth. This dynamic design and energy flow in earth resembles the working of a “double pump” or heart. The existing volume of spiritual knowledge and the modern developments after 1920’s shows that universe is not material but some how life influences it. “Gaia Hypothesis” tells very much scientifically that life makes the environment suitable for it to flourish. In other worlds life “self organizes” and sustains the world

A time direction favoring disorder emerges in this dynamic “self sustaining” system the moment we imagine adult human being. This means the human mind and his thinking creates the time direction to gravitational collapse and “shredding of the universe”. It creates disorder and destruction. The Global Warming and Climate Change could be directly related to reckless unilateral human intervention into the dynamic energy cycle of nature. The mind of humans aligned with material force has broken the disordering and ordering phases of energy cycle nature in favor of disorder destruction causing the Global warming, climate change increasing natural catastrophes and so on.

What then is the Good News about Global Warming?

To know this we must explore bigger cycles in which day and night energy cycle exist. Day and night energy cycle is embedded in a bigger cycle of 12 month where the climatic phases peaks and gives way to the opposite. Here when the heat and disordering phase peaks, the water evaporates. The plant which forms the base of the food chain is stressed. This in turn stresses all the ecological strata. But nature is designed such that the unseen force of life emerges as cloud cutting sunlight coming to earth. The “dry heat’ now gives way for “wet heat”. Plants and animals senses this changes and prepares it self for “change”. If you observe nature or experiment we note the moment cloud comes and dry heat turns to wet heat, the plants show physiological changes. The reproductive growth shifts into vegetative. However this is a tough period for life. Only those which read nature and change closely survive. If the period is extended the life struggles and pays a huge price. The seeding of the cloud such that it manifest as rain and gives “new life” has to come from life it self. Every life when it stresses seeks life from above. The only exception is a human who works to snatch what is available in the next door. As a scientist more than two decades ago I used to mock at people who conduct prayers for rain. Today after knowing the Truth I do it that is the change that has come in me.

History tells that the 12 month climatic cycle in turn is embedded 12 year cycle with its own peak. This truth is recorded by science. The knowledge of time and energy cycle of the ancient is very deep. Even a bird’s eye view shows the immense depth in the ancient knowledge system such as Vedas and Mayans. It reflects in their cultures very much. The Mayans who are called time keepers of the world have predicted that the present time cycle ends in “2012 Dec 21”. Similar end and “new beginning” is predicted in Bible, Vedas, and other scriptures. Christian may not approve such accurate prediction. Because it said only the Father knows the exact time. However, a Biblical prediction relates to the action that takes place in the spiritual world, the Mayans have predicted it based on the observation of the manifestation of this spiritual action. The Mayan prediction is based on certain stellar configuration. So they are not contradicting.

These predictions are associated with great many catastrophes and miseries to humankind. Bible compares it to the pains of pregnant women before she delivers. Just as warming encloses the “Good Sign” of life force coming, birth pain encloses sign of happy moments, the Global warming and climatic changes increasing natural catastrophes has positive content hidden in it. They are stressing humanity awaken to his consciousness and take “New Life” and gain “New Mind” and thinking.

It is stressing humanity to awaken to truth and come to His senses and transform smoothly to “New Time Cycle”.

Is this transformation into New Time controlled if so how?

To understand this we may have to go back to life and its process. Life is a process controlled by three vital processes. Breathing, Mitotic division, and meiotic division accompanied by reproduction. We already saw day and night cycle functioning as breath of the manifested world. We can visualize the climatic cycle as mitotic division and growth against gravity. This leaves us to invent the mitotic division and “reproduction phase of the universe”. At the biological level, we note the “Fathers Essence” * leaves its abode and enters the world of the mother and unite with “Mothers Essence” to recreate a new body out of the old.

* Note – science tells us that information from male enters the egg and fuses with information in the female to form the first cell which later divides to create the whole New world. But my site argues that information is built up thing and that there exist something else behind life that survives and perpetuates. Read article “Beyond Genes”

Thus life has two distinct phases.

1] When the dominant male exist in the recessive female as one. Now in this phase the “inferior mind” rules the world. The “superior mind and consciousness” is in creative phase within it. In short The “Universal consciousness” and the “Universal Mind” discussed in Vedas and Upanishad of the east or the “Light of Life” as described in Bible is in recreation mode. The “Essence of the Father” opens up as two templates to recreate its images along with mothers. Recall DNA replication. This is the manifesting state of life.

2] Once this replication is complete a radiating body called “centrioles” emerges on one side and twitches the cell into two. This is the manifested state of life.

The manifesting state is a brief period compared to manifested period. This can be understood form life cycle.

In the manifesting state what rules is the inferior mind of humans which are limited by its power. These minds only create disorder. However, this disorder is very much in control of the “Superior Mind” that is in creative phase. He is assisted by Mother Nature. There is a “heat within” that is brooding everything back to Life.

In conclusion, I see immense depth in Bible, Vedas and other spiritual scriptures. They reflect superior knowledge of life and the universe as a whole. Our universe is non linear. When the disorder peak a “Great Attractor” emerges in the system and the system collapses into new order around it. This in reality means God will reveals the “truth of nature” and “His Self” and when human bows to truth, the system slowly “transforms” to “new order” only to repeat the cycle. Time is inevitable but the Master has designed the world to conquer time and perpetuate in time cycle.

The Global Warming, Climatic Changes, increasing “natural catastrophes” is only “transition state”. It is stressing humanity to open its “inner eyes” and come to sense and realize the truth that exists next to his skin. I am sure this will happen; we will see a “Golden Period” or “Kingdom of God” established right here on earth

Viral this article to save earth and humanity form self destruction

For more articles and expansion of the above thought on global warming see site

1]“Awakening to Truth”

By John Paily

Grace New Age Research


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