Global Warming – The Real Cause

Please give this a kind thought. This can change the very thinking and perception of Global Warming
The cause for Global warming and climate change needs to be understood in terms of our intervention into Earth’s Energy Rhythm or Biorhythm of Earth. Earth is designed with two phases that co-exist. There is a ordering and disordering phase that balance each other. When west awakes to sunlight and goes in to disorder, east sleeps to and goes into order. When west peaks in light the east peaks in darkness and they give way to the opposite. The earth is dynamic and designed to balance it self. Thus earth is designed to keep the temperature of earth within in the limit and help life flourish. All life lives in this energy flow of earth. The system is dynamic and stable and works between to limits.

All life is anti-gravitational, by instinct they work against the time directed to gravitational collapse [second law of thermodynamics]. Thus life supports nature from collapsing. However a time direction emerges in the system towards disorder and collapse, when human mind aligns with material force and exploits nature. In the process he breaks into the ordering phase of the earth’s energy cycle. Thus the disorder in the world increases to a point where it becomes inevitable the system collapses. Over exploitation of material energy, intrusion into ordering phase of earth energy cycle is causing the shredding experience and is heading towards a collapse. The solution is to know the Truth of Nature and take steps to
1] To reduce our intervention into nature’s dark cycle such that she gets space and time to recover.
2] Develop nature compatible technique and technologies that does not release excess heat into environment.

If you observe nature a warming phase is part of all climatic cycle. When the dry heat increases and water evaporates and life is stressed, nature reacts, forming clouds which cuts the heat of the sunlight and limits the evaporation of water. This leads to build up of wet heat or warming. But warming is an indication of life force emerging. It is a Good News. Plants and animals take this signal. The physiology of plants changes in response to it. The reproductive phase gives way to vegetative phase. This phase can be dangerous if there is uncertainty and prolongation. A weeding process occurs during this period.

When the energy cycle of nature is disturbed unilaterally, this change over becomes disturbed uncertain and destructive. This unilateral disturbance has come from human being who are attached to matter and exist exploiting matter and energy releasing huge amount of heat and giving little space and time to nature to creatively utilize it bring order. Unless humanity awakens to Truth of Nature that exists next to his skin, we would end in giving huge price.


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